Paragon develops net-leased retail, industrial and health care properties nationwide.

Paragon’s ability to finance developments and its expertise to manage projects allow clients to focus on what they do best – operate their core businesses. Paragon offers “turn-key” build-to-suit services or customized services such as feasibility analysis and consulting, entitlement processing, construction management or fee development.

For each project, Paragon:

  • Performs a full analysis of client’s business operations and long-term real estate needs
  • Prepares a thorough evaluation to develop a customized solution
  • Takes complete responsibility of the development project from start to finish
  • Supplements its team with industry-leading architects, consultants, contractors and professionals
  • Delivers a building completed to the client’s specifications in a professional, cost-efficient manner

Paragon’s clients benefit from:

  • Quick, on-the-ground response to fast-track permitting and approvals
  • Site search and feasibility analysis to pinpoint the optimal location
  • Value-added building design and engineering to maximize facility function and long-term operating efficiencies
  • Financial fortitude to deliver the most cost-competitive project financing in evolving capital environments
  • Upfront guaranteed pricing to eliminate surprises
  • On-time completions without financial contingencies
  • Capital resources to assume pre-development risks in acquiring property
  • Real-time, online project information and live web cam monitoring of construction progress
  • Detailed punch list review and satisfaction audit to ensure the building meets the client’s specifications
  • Maintenance and warranty programs to assure long-term facility performance
  • Flexible leasing solutions to create the best scenario for each client
  • In-place procedures for a fast, efficient, hassle-free move-in